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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The General Public Agrees: NHL All-Star Voting is Ridiculous

Here are a few of the best comments posted thus far on the wall of our boycott Facebook group and in the comments section of the original post proposing a boycott.

"You honestly cant sit there and vote in Ryan Whitney and Sergei Gonchar when they have been injured all season and havent played at all." - Jim Johnston, December 8th

"voting an unlimited amount of times is ridiculous." - Adam Bowman, December 1st

"The NHL needs to wake up... after last year's Fitzpatrick fiasco they would've learned their lesson, right? Right???" - Chris Cirne, December 13th

"how does cary price get on the ballot and not Tim Thomas? What a sham" - Shawn Williamson, November 26th

"They players, coaches, and general managers should vote on who should play. Then the deserving will actually make the team. I love the Penguins, but why the hell is Gonchar and Whitney even on the ballot? They haven't even played yet! If you want the fans to vote on something, let them vote on who participates in the skills competition" Adam Bowman, November 27th

"If Gonchar and Whitney are among the vote leaders, us Penguins fans would not agree with that either" - Anonymous, November 26th

"we're pissed in boston about tim thomas is getting the shaft" - Cameron Frye, November 26th

"Guys, I HAVE voted for a Habs player!!!! and I'm still insulted by this. It has NOTHING to do with the Canadians winning the spots, It has to do with the irresponsible way the NHL has acted about the whole thing." - Life_As_A_Redhead, November 26th

"The NHL should be ashamed of themselves. The whole thing is a joke.Their statement that Montreal fans are showing us how its done was condescending." - Anonymous, November 26th

"Let's vote in guys who don't deserve it because of performance or injury but still get starting spots because of their name alone.... it makes the all star celebration a joke no matter who makes the team." - Anonymous, November 29th

"We are not complaining that the leaders are Montreal Canadiens, we are complaining that the fan ballot box is easily spoofed/stuffed and that maybe an alternative method of voting should be used." - MattC, December 2nd

The NHL is giving itself major PR problems with how they have been handling the voting.

This situation makes the NHL as a whole look amateur and third-rate.